What Rod & Reel?

Randy Howell just won the 2014 Bassmaster Classic, his rod and reel set up was the Daiwa Tatula. For about $300 you can use what Howell uses. Hi’s Tackle Box SFT Green Top Sporting Goods

Ike Loves the Lover

Elite Series pro Mike Iaconelli is one of the most passionate anglers on tour and he is in love with the lover from Molix baits, The Lover is a vibration type bait that is very unique.Check out the Lover and you will fall in love too.

Incredibly Light

Much like you would probably react if somebody handed you a bowling ball that weighed less than a pound, is about how 30-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier Gary Klein reacted when he first picked-up Quantum’s new 5.4-ounce TourMg baitcasting reel. Apparently, the...

A Huge Move for Roumbanis

Elite Series Pro Fred Roumbanis will be running the new V-20 from Legend Boats this year.  The new offering from Legend fits Boom Boom’s fishing style perfectly.  Roumbanis is known to carry a ton of tackle in his boat, and the V-20 has more than enough from for even...

A Hydrowave Option

After last weeks Bassmaster Classic you should believe sound effects fish.The Hydrowave is a must have if your a tournament angler or just fish for fun. Stetson Blaylock shares the features of the new Hydrowave Mini. If your fishing on a budget this is the unit for...