Fully Loaded Front Deck – October What You Need to Throw

Fall is here and we caught up with five pro anglers to get their thoughts on what you should have on your front deck this month!

Cody Meyer 

What:  A popper-style bait. The “O.B.” is very easy to fish! There are two ways I prefer to use the Ones Bug: Like a traditional popper, and like a walking bait.

Where:  Fish it like a traditional popper, throwing it around structure. Or fish the O.B. in open water and on long points as a walking bait when smaller bait is present.

How: The Ones Bug is unbelievable as a walking bait! l make short twitches, making the bait walk back and forth. I also make short pops, making the bait spit & splash water, and it makes a very unique sound.

Get the Evergreen O.B. here.


Zack Birge

What: Jerkbaits are fast becoming a year-round choice for many anglers. Zack Birge says one of his favorites is from Hardcore. The Minnow Flat 130sp is the perfect choice for fall fishing, and the new magnetic weight transfer system allows for super long casts and comes in a variety of fish-catching colors.

Where: The Minnow Flat is great for covering water, throw it along sloping points and transitions. It’s also very effective around boat docks this time of the year.

HowMake long and vary the cadence of your retrieve, the fish will tell you what they want!

Get the Minnow Flat here.


Fred Roumbanis

What: Fred Roumbanis says the IMA Skimmer is an October must-have! The Skimmer is unique among hard plastic topwater stickbaits in that only the IMA Skimmer has the slender body shape of a 5″ soft plastic stickbait. This Skimmer is an offering that schooling fish can’t resist.

Where: Throw the Skimmer in the back of shallow pockets to catch fish that are feeding.

How: Its swift, darting action really mimics shad, fish it fast and cover water.

Get the IMA Skimmer here.


Boyd Duckett

What: New from Duckett Fishing, the Subtle Tail is a soft swimbait. When you’re faced with the need for a small swimbait, this is one you’ll need to try. The unique thin-tail design works perfectly on a slow subtle retrieve.

Where: Fish flats and shallow pockets and stick to the shad colors this time of year.

How: Cast as far as you can and wind it back very slowly. Use a 1/4-ounce or 3/8 ounce head on 10-pound fluorocarbon line.

Get the Subtle Tail here.


Laker Howell

What: Laker Howell chooses the Livingston FlatMaster SQ for fishing over grass in the fall. The EBS Technology and a tighter wobble are the perfect combination to trigger hard-to-catch fall bass.

Where: Fish the FlatMaster over the top of grass beds and the edges of trees or docks,

How: Hit the top of the grass, it rips free from easily and deflects off of wood without a problem.

Get the FlatMaster here.



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