Featuring a highly natural and streamlined baitfish profile, the Deps Frilled Shad uses a pronounced collared construction to produce a shivering swimming action and twisted body roll. Ideal for clear water or highly pressured situations, the Frilled Shad accurately mimics a wide range of baitfish with its real 3D eyes, molded gill rakers and ribbing, and ultra-realistic body shape.

Poured with a low-density soft plastic material, the clear colors and back of the Deps Frilled Shad are made with 0% salt content while the ventral or belly side contains only 10% salt content. The fan-shaped lip above the head acts as a brake to slow its movement through the water and allow anglers to use a steady retrieve to spontaneously generate the trembling side-to-side rolling action. Perfect when rigged weightless or paired with a lightly weighted jig head, the Deps Frilled Shad remains high in the water column to make it exceptionally effective when fishing submerged rocks, grass, or specific targets.

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