Sabine River “Cliff Notes”

It’s hard to imagine that a new season is here already… We are going to kick it off with a new edition of “Cliff Notes” Find out how Cliff sees the the derby playing out. .themify_builder .text-17942-0-0-1.module-text { } .themify_builder...

Cliff Notes: Post BASSfest

BASSfest 2014 is in the books and was a huge success, we caught up with Cliff Crochet to get a post tournament report. The Cajun Baby sent us this clip from where else… fishing in a Louisiana bayou. All in all it was a fun tournament with no Classic points on the...

Cajun Baby’s 2nd Youth Fishing Day

Cliff Crochet is at it again it’s time for the second annual “Cliff Crochet Fishing Day”. It will be held on June 7th 2014 at Bayside Tackle in Pierre Part. The first annual Cliff Crochet Youth Fishing Day was held on July 20th at Bayside Tackle in Pierre Part.  50...

Cliff Notes: Dardanelle Wrap Up

Cliff Crochet finished up in 7th place at the Lake Dardanelle Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament. Cliff got it done flipping a jig on heavy braid. Water conditions and being able to quickly adapt played a big part in his high finish. Keep up with Cliff on Facebook and...

Cliff Notes: Volume 18

Cliff Crochet brings Volume 18 to us straight from Lake Dardanelle. Big tournament equals changing conditions. Cliff still expects solid weights and talks about his secret bag of baits. Keep up with Cliff on Facebook and on his website.

Cliff Notes: from the Bend

From all accounts the fish are biting at Toledo Bend. In this edition of “Cliff Notes” the Cajun Baby shares his thoughts on how this derby will be won. It should be a good one so stay tuned.

Cliff Notes: Volume 17

The Cajun Baby did not get to fish on day three but he was able to share a valuable tip… It has to to with being wet and cold. This one could just save your life if you fish in cold conditions.