Zoom Releases New 3.5″ Z Craw Jr.

Zoom Bait Company announces the release of the new Z Craw Jr., a downsized version of the popular ribbed crawfish lure introduced last year to overwhelming acceptance. We’ve shrunk the original model down from five inches to three and a half inches for times when bass demand a smaller bite to eat, yet we’ve retained the same forward facing ribs and fluttering craws of the full sized Z Craw .

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.29.16 PM
In its single year of existence, the Z Craw found a purpose not only in punching the thickest cover around, but also on the back of swim jigs and vibrating jigs, as well as structure-hugging wobble heads. This new smaller version will handle all of those same applications, and will quickly turn into your favorite lure for tempting finicky bedding bass as well. It’s smaller than its predecessor, and while it has finesse applications, you’ll be surprised at how many big bass it fools.
Currently, the Z Craw Jr. is available in 13 of Zoom’s most popular and universally applicable colors. Look for it soon at leading tackle stores and online retailers.
Colors available:
130-005 Junebug
130-019 Watermelon Seed
130-025 Green Pumpkin
130-045 White Pearl
130-054 Watermelon Red
130-097 Rootbeer Pepper Green
130-100 Black Sapphire
130-110 Sapphire Blue

130-308 California 420

130-369 Black Light
130-370 Black Flash
130-371 Green Pumpkin Flash
130-393 Late Nite Gold