Zona: Fantasy Football, Lake Ontario and Great Hair

Late summer signals the home stretch of the Bassmaster Elite Series season, plus a whole lotta Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show episodes that need to be filmed, and perhaps most importantly, me picking my fantasy football league roster.

Not to mention we’re fresh off the ICAST Show, which is the fishing tackle industry’s annual ‘show and tell’ trade show where all the cool new products are revealed.

Seeing lures I’ve been working on to develop with Strike King for months, or rod actions I’ve discussed for weeks with Shimano, all finally come to fruition at ICAST is hugely rewarding.

But it’s also like the first day of high school in that you wanna make sure your hair is rockin’ because you’re seeing a lot of your buds for the first time in months.

Everybody with any ties to the fishing industry goes to ICAST, from pro anglers like Swindle, to marketing dudes like Steve Levi of BoatUS Angler, and Brian Spiro from Carhartt. And trust me, just like your high school buds; they can’t wait to bust your chops if your clothes don’t match.

Speaking of BoatUS Angler, I am so glad my mechanically challenged self has their membership card in my wallet, because as I write this blog I’m organizing my boat for a trip to Lake Ontario. It’s an 11-hour drive to get there. Things can happen when you’re towing. Flat tires, smoked hubs, whatever. I don’t wanna think about it.

And then when you reach the water, Ontario is the best fishing on earth, but it can whip-up and humble you with waves bigger than the ocean in a heartbeat too. So again, I’m glad to know BoatUS has my back if I need to call them.

Until next time, good luck picking your fantasy football team, and make sure your hair is rockin’ for the first day of school.