Wintertime/ Cold Water Bass Fishing



When the water temperatures are at their lowest of the year, an angler must adjust his or her approach. Pete will share his best tips for preventing ice build up on rods and equipment, locating productive water, staying warm, and much more. FOgi93cTH0s-rYvy7_RgBkctNk_NXFe2DPzwHybVD_8n9UbnFF2ESr_2V16bNzoX8cU2QHmHthOOjwi30iNF74HU7adWtkXnWYt6xQwnWvWgnapmf7v3uLbRqiybU5Zn0xSU5TIZ_Qk3UYjy5a5ahDQZqHfrTblVcbGSTokG2v_tkx11IX6Q2tlVjhcmnhaADEGB-o5o62Zi6g=s0-d-e1-ftPete also analyzes the Silver Buddy, jerkbaits hair jigs, A-rig, and the Rapala Jigging Rap.  Click here to watch the entire 45 minute class







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