Who Will Win the Bonus Bucks

An oversized cardboard Toyota Bonus Bucks cardboard check sat unassigned and on display as Bassmaster Classic competitors passed by the Toyota booth on angler registration day Tuesday at the Bassmaster Classic in Knoxville.

A huge number of Classic competitors tow with a Toyota, and are eligible to win, including Casey Ashley, Brent Chapman, and Todd Faircloth. All three signed up for Bonus Bucks, and could add the sizeable $7,500 fringe benefit from Toyota to the $300,000 first place prize from B.A.S.S. should they become the 2019 Bassmaster Classic Champ.

Ashley, Chapman, and Faircloth talked about why they love Toyota, and how they’d spend the $7,500 should they win this Classic in Knoxville.

Why have you been loyal to Toyota for so many years?

Ashley: The first vehicle I ever drove as a teenager was a 1988 Toyota, and as a pro I won nearly enough money the first year I was signed-up for Bonus Bucks to pay for a Tundra.

Chapman: Pure and simple, they’re awesome trucks.

Faircloth: I believe when a company supports our sport as generously as Toyota has for so many years, it’s our responsibility as anglers to support them in return.

What are your favorite qualities of a Toyota Tundra?

Ashley: It pulls like crazy, and as long as I keep the gas tank full and fresh tires on it, I don’t have to worry about mechanical failures.

Chapman: Low maintenance, and it pulls my boat as well as a diesel.

Faircloth: It tows great, and I have a great relationship with my local Toyota dealer.

If you win the 2019 Bassmaster Classic, and pick up the $7,500 Toyota Bonus Bucks check, what are you going to spend it on?

Ashley: An asphalt driveway for the house I’m building.

Chapman: A tractor to build deer hunting food plots, and also to use on the 20 acres we’re about to build a house on.

Faircloth: It would be spent on all sorts of things related to a whitetail deer lease.