“Whay They Said” Day 3 Beaver Lake

Matt Arey weighed in five bass for 16-4 pounds and jumped into the lead at Beaver Lake today. Mike McDonald  is the 2014 co-angler champion. Change has been the topic of the week at Beaver and more are on the way for the final round. Here are the top quotes from day 3 and a few of our thoughts too.

Mike McDonald (co-angler champ): “When its your time to win, it’s your time to win.” Congratulations Mike

Scott Martin: “Beaver lake is a great tournament lake because you have to change every day.” There is the that “change” word again.

Jason Christie: “I been rolling the dice everyday… today I rolled a pretty good dice. Jason finished 14th this week.

David Dudley (good advise) “Keep a open mind, being able to adjust will keep you on top.” This is just great advise no matter what you are doing in life.

Mask Rose (fishing at this level): “You gotta produce every day.” You can not stumble at this level of competition and expect to compete.

Casey Ashley (key to success) “I think the reason I’m catching them here is because I don’t know any better.” Don’t be fooled Casey knows how to catch them.

Andy Morgan (he could win this one): “Any body down the line can win this thing, it’s a game of efficiency .

Matt Arey (day 4 leader): “It’s gonna be tight tomorrow.” Matt weighed in 16-4 today.

Rain, storms and wind are the forecast for the final round at Beaver Lake. Another day of change will see changes on the leader board. Anyone in the top ten could bust a big bag tomorrow and grab the 2014 Beaver Lake title. Catch the live weigh in tomorrow on FlW Outdoors.

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