“What They Said” Day 2

Top quotes from day 2Day 2 at Toledo Bend.

Justin Lucas

Dave Mercer – Unfortunately with a two day total of 24 lbs, 14 ounces, it was your birthday yesterday, and you get to celebrate it with the weekend off.

JL – Dude, this is a TERRIBLE birthday present, finishing about 90th….but, Im gonna tell you, you know, fishing is always a learning process and I’ve got a LOT to learn about Toledo Bend. I got to learn how to run the boat trails –  number one.  Number two, I gotta learn how to catch some bass her.  So Ill be coming back and just having some fun fishing days here in the near future’.


Brian Snowden

Dave -With 29 pounds, 3 ounxes, you are going to be in that sweat club back there, just hoping to slide into this.

BS- (Smiles) Yeah, you know its probably not gonna be enough, but I didn’t lose any today.  I probably made a bad decision on where I went – I went to one area, didn’t have much luck so at 11 am I made a change and caught what I caught.  I wish I had the morning to do over again, but you know its all about decisions and ive lived my life on the bubble a long time, so im just glad that I get to do it and hopefully  ill get to do it again tomorrow.


Dean Rojas

Dave – Boy oh boy, I know where you live, but if you ever move I think this would be a good part of the world…pretty much this area has paid for a house basically!

DR- Yeah its treated me really good.  I tell you, Toledo Bend, she was really nice to me today.  You know…I’m just kinda fishing.  I’m not really on much I’m just kinda moving around and just fishing.  I’m just trying to keep an open mind on everything and fishing areas that I think the big fish are going to be at, and its been paying off.  I’m not catching a whole lot of fish, but as you can see when I find them, the quality is there.


Tommy Biffle

Dave – You’re inside the cut right now, but unfortunately we still got a bunch of anglers yet to go

TB-  Oh yeah, I wont last.  You know, I got hard headed; I made that bait called the “hard head”  and there’s a good reason for that.  I run to the North end of this thing the last two days, and only one other angler was up there, so you know, they didn’t send me the memo that they were all bedding down the lake.  You know, it’s a great place; I love fishing here.  I’m just glad I still got my lower unit. (crowd laughs).


Mark Davis

Dave – Did you change, did this change – what was different out there today?

MD-  The same old thing, you know.  I told ya I was catching over 20 every day in practice, and today they showed up.  I actually caught more fish yesterday- its hard to figure these bass out.  That’s what so intriguing about this sport, you know.  I ran basically the same water, the same lures, the same techniques and today I got some big bites.


Jonathan VanDam

Dave – fishing on Saturday for the first time this year, its gotta be a big sigh of relief

JVD- Yeah its nice  to fishing on Saturday for a change instead of driving home.  The one thing is, you know, Ill be driving on Sunday now – that means Chik-fil-A is closed.

Dave – That’s a problem huh?

JVD-  (Smiles) That’s a serious problem.

Dave – Don’t worry im sure you can find somewhere to eat with that 10,000 dollar check.  But I know you want a much better check.  You keep moving up that leaderboard and you might be fishing Sunday.

JVD- You know Im afround a lot of good fish.  I got two of those good bites today and I had one other one that came off.  Hopefully tomorrow, you know, some more big ones will show up.  It’s a pretty good area,  it seems like.  So we’ll see what happens tomorrow and make any change.