“What They Said” Day 1

Top quotes from day 1 at the Bassmaster  Elite Series from Toledo Bend.

Day 1 Leader- Jared Lintner

Dave Mercer: 25-7, You know, I’m happy for you, but I kinda feel bad for J Todd, at no time in his career he probably figured, he would catch 25 pounds and then lose the lead 3 anglers laterJared – “Yeah, you know, Ive been on that side of the ball, but I just had a pretty fortunate day, you know, I caught em on one extreme to the next, and you know, I’m not gonna lie: I got fortunate.  God blessed me with the right bites.  I don’t know if I can get those same bites tomorrow, but Im gonna have fun trying”

Dave – What are you doing this season? I mean, such an incredible turn around.”

Jared:  “I’m just having fun, you know”


Chris Zaldain on his eight pound bass :

“Im having a rough start to the season, and that was my first fish this morning, so I thought ‘there’s my slump buster right there!”


Bill Lowen:

“You know when there’s 20 pounds, 20 pounds, 25 pounds, and there’s who knows how many 20 pound sacks behind me -14 pounds pounds looks like eight”!


Jacob Powroznik

Dave : you’re off to a great start this morning and it looks like the whole day shaped out good for you

JP- “Yeah it started out pretty good, you know I thought I had a pretty good spot and I was kinda dreading running down there this morning thinking somebody found it because they were schooling in practice, you know kinda giving themselves away.  I pulled up there, and nobody was there.  I fished around for about 10 minutes, and they moved, but I caught that big one in about 10 minutes,  then about 10 minutes later I caught another big one, and then I caught one about 4 pounds and I said “well shoot, Ill kinda stay around them” because they really weren’t biting that good.  I came back to them later in the afternoon and I had a couple of big ones follow me in, and I said “They’re still there”.


Gerald Swindle-

GS- “Its pretty bad”

Dave – Its not that bad

GS-” Oh it’s bad”

Dave – There’s….worse

GS – “No, I know what President Obama feels like standing in front of the American people not knowing what going on because I am Clue-less right now!  Y’all go ahead and clap, that’s funny”. (crowd laughs)

Dave – 12 pounds, 6 ounces.  Tell me how you really feel

GS- “Yup, I feel just like that, just standing up here, making up stuff.  Id like to tell you how I caught ‘em or where they was at and I don’t have a dag gum clue!  I aint fished around nobody that’s caught em, I aint caught any in practice, Ive looked at em, Ive looked behind em, Ive looked under em Ive looked around em, and it aint working.  So everything in my boat right now on the front deck is for sale!  Tomorrow is a brand new day and I am throwing something…I don’t care, Im gonna find the biggest swimbait, and then glue six of them together and make one cast with a fly rod.  Ive got to catch up tomorrow”. (Laughter)