“What They Said” Beaver Lake Day 1

Day 1 from the FLW Tour stop at Beaver Lake is in the books, if you missed the live weigh in on FLW Outdoors here are a few of the best quotes from the stage and a few comments from us. With just under a six pound gap between the top spot and 50th place don’t count anyone out.

Quote of the day…” It’s Beaver Lake so anything can happen.”

Dion Hibdon (on fishing boat docks): “Yeah well absolutely there is a couple of them out there and I swung at both of them. Don’t laugh at that I tried them all.” The Hibdons are dock masters.

Jason Christie (14-7 day one) “I don’t wanna say I know how this lake acts. It will burn ya, It’s Beaver. might come in with two fish tomorrow. Jason is the defending Beaver Lake Champion.

David Dudley “I had two mules on today, one of them got me out in a deep tree and the other clotheslined me at the boat. At one time I was one for seven today.” Dudley will probably clothesline the fish tomorrow, he is one tough dude.

Wesley Strader (picking a area) “I drew a line at the mouth of a creek and I said I’m not leavin it. I stayed there all morning, I cranked till my fingers were raw.” Draw another line Wesley. He is in 15th place.

Scott Suggs (tough day 1) “Tomorrow I gotta try and turn this thing around.” Scott had 7-7 today.

Andy Morgan “I really had not caught them much in practice. I just went out there and went fishing, I kinda just fished the conditions.” Andy is the defending FLW AOY.

Casey Ashly (on his practice) “Today I just started practice again so I guess that’s what I’m going to do tomorrow.” Casey weighed in 14-14 today.

Travis Fox (fishing on his home lake): I feel like I’ve got 30lbs in there I am so excited.” Fox had a bunch of friends and fans at the weigh in. Fox weighed in 14-01 today.

Cody Myer (thoughts on the wind) “Ready for the wind to stop blowing” After weighing in 13-13 today, does he really want the wind to stop?

Luke Clausen (tough fishing) “It was a grind out there.” Tough conditions mean no one is out of it.

Bryan Thrift (Day 1 leader): “Today was a pretty decent day, I don’t think I have ever caught this many decent fish on Beaver Lake.”     Thrift said he had one of his big fish break off in the net. It was a gift from the lord.

Beaver Lake is known to be one of the toughest stops on the tour, the conditions are sure to change. These are some of the best anglers in the world and someone will figure them out.