What Is It Wednesday

“What Is It” Wednesday is a all new feature here on Bass East, we will be featuring a a different screen shot every couple of weeks and  Elite Series Pro  James Niggemeyer  will be breaking it down and explaining how he would approach it.

This location looks good for a couple reasons.  First, I like the changes in depth or “structure” and the “cover” in the form of brush only sweetens the spot.  From left to right what we are looking at is a gentle rise that the boat has gone over, but right at the lip there is a ditch or depression that intersects it.  On the right hand side of the ditch is a brush pile and on the far right limb there looks to be a nice size fish holding by it.
From there the bottom slowly falls toward another cluster of brush piles.  It also shows smaller fish between the brush piles, but also around the limbs.  
This time of year with the water temperature and depth here I would start by running a medium running crank bait like a Strike King Lucky Shad crankbait, which has a tight wobble and is good in colder water.  I may catch a couple by running it around the edges and over the top of the brush.  Once I did that I would slow down and get to the bottom with a Strike King Tour Grade shakey head with KVD Perfect Plastics finesse worm.  Rigged texas style I could fish it slow and methodical in and around the brush to catch unaggressive fish.  By slowly moving around the perimeter I could fish this location from different angles to see if there is a direction that produces best.
This screen shot really shows the incredible detail and target separation the Raymarine Chirp sonar produces.  Something that is super useful to understand the lay of the land and all the cover available.