“What Is It Wednesday” Episode 3

This week’s screen shot from a Raymarine unit is of a man made structure high spot.  Most likely this is a road bed with what looks like guard rails on either side.  The Chirp Downvision allows you to clearly see fish targets relating rather tight to the structure in this shot.


Road beds are great fish holding structures, because they provide a hard bottom as well as a distinct structure difference in elevation on an otherwise featureless lake bottom.  
My choice of lures for working this type of structure through the seasons would be a medium a Strike King Series 5XD fished on a St. Croix Mojo Bass Crankster rod.  The 5XD can hit the sides and scrape the surface of the road.  The second lure I would choose would be a Strike King Tour Grade Football jig teamed with a Strike King Rage craw in case a slow retrieve is preferred.  These lures are the finest structure lures an angler can fish to extract fish from a spot like this.
Catch you later…James Niggemeyer

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