What 50th Classic Competitors Listened to on the Morning Drive

The epicenter of the 50th annual Bassmaster Classic is in downtown Birmingham, but fishing is taking place 1 hour and 20 minutes away at famed Lake Guntersville.

While a few anglers are staying near the lake, many are making the long drive back and forth each day, so Alan McGuckin of Dynamic Sponsorships caught up with several of them on the launch ramp minutes prior to Day 1 competition, and asked what they listened to on their Tundra’s stereo en route to the start of bass fishing’s biggest event.

Caleb Sumrall – “DMX and Lil Wayne.”

Skylar Hamilton – “Halsey – kinda like the modern day Blondie.”

Jamie Hartman – “I didn’t listen music, my buddy Ed Burch is here to serve as my driver this week, so he and I just chatted.”

Hank Cherry – “I listened to everything from hip hop to country, just trying to stay relaxed.”

Grae Buck – “I was listening to rock & roll on Sirius XM’s Lithium and Turbo channels.”

Keith Combs – “Jason Aldean’s song We Back.”

Cody Huff – “Lots of Hank Williams Jr.”

Cliff Prince – “Shoot, the only thing I could listen to was her,” joked Prince about his sweet wife Kelley of 21 years, who taped a good luck 5 of hearts playing card to the storage lid of his boat once they arrived in Guntersville to symbolize the five fat keeper bass she hopes he’ll catch today.