Walker’s Ready

ORANGE, Texas (March 18) — Anxious to truly get his Bassmaster Elite Series season underway, Cabela’s/GEICO For Your Boat Elite angler David Walker is ready for whatever obstacles he may have to overcome during this weekend’s Bassmaster Elite event on the Sabine River in Southeast Texas.

KVLfVnLmw8Kcg9L25g8k3Tqs818rjjO1d-cOumCSueP1S2PM31drnPbBWy0eRGutzSDIs6Nw9-3YjuEuTEuIjL9VoWtkBYWx61ddZxbH6kG4BKV4XvujbyuzWqPXXnfrZBjB=s0-d-e1-ft“There’s a lot of unknown at this particular fishing destination,” Walker said. “My research says the fishing isn’t very good here. I say that it’s not good but the reason it’s tougher is the size limit. It’s not hard to go catch 20 or more fish; what’s hard to do is catch ones that are big enough to keep. That’s the challenge.

“(Elite series anglers) fished here once before and it took 40 pounds to win, so obviously you’re going to have to do better than just catching a keeper or two, and with this bunch, whatever is there is going to get caught. It’d be nice to think that all I have to do is catch a fish or two and I’ll do well, but the reality is that it’s going to be much tougher.”

With the daily launch at 7:10 a.m. CT and return for weigh-in at 4 p.m. at the City of Orange Boat Ramp, Walker hopes to be at the top of the leaderboard when the tournament comes to end Sunday.

“One thing about the Sabine is you have such a vast area to fish,” Walker said. “It’s all the marsh land that is along the Gulf Coast; it’s massive. The biggest trick is picking where you’re going to go. Once you choose that area, it’s not like you can turn around and run the other way. A short run here is an hour or more. You can go 100 miles in any direction. You have to make a decision on where to fish, go there, and live with it.

“As far as fishing techniques, it’s really similar. It’s going to be mainly flipping and pitching going on, all while covering as much water as you can.”

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