V&M Joe Everette Hawg Bomb Jig

With memories of the spawn still fresh in our heads, prepping for next years spawning season and sight fishing for big bass sitting on beds has already begun for many fisherman.  The opportunity to land the “fish of a lifetime”, all while being able to see the fish grab the lure creates a level of excitement that is unmatched in our sport.

Enter the first sight fishing specific jig from V&M Baits, the Joe Everette Hawg Bomb, which BassEast was fortunate enough to obtain and test after its introduction during the ICAST 2014.

Fishing for bedding bass requires a bait that draws the attention of the fish on the bed, as more often than not, a bedding fish will be very selective in what it deems to be a “threat” that requires action.  V&M, with the input of Joe Everette and Cliff Pace, developed a truly unique jig with features designed to get and hold attention of the most selective bedding fish.

With a stand up head equipped with a 6/0 Gamakatsu hook, the Hawg Bomb displays a large profile in a position which will maximize the effects of its rubber skirting material, and when we say skirting material, we mean a LOT oif skirting material!  The Hawg Bomb has TWICE the amount of rubber, along with several longer strands of flashy mylar extending from the center of the skirt.  This combination produces three things: a larger over profile, a longer overall profile, and the ability to impart a great deal of skirt motion with just the slightest movement of the line – simultaneously allowing the angler to keep it in place longer while driving bedding female bass insane.

Hawg Bomb!

The Hawg Bomb will be available in a variety of color combinations hand selected by Everette and Pace, and will be in stores well before the next spawning season.  Let the dreams of springtime bed fishing begin!!!

Pre-order your Hawg Bomb here.