Typhoon Optics Releases Clifford Pirch Signature Model

Typhoon Optics has announced a signature model of their premium polarized sunglasses. “The Pirch Schooner” model, aptly named the “Pirch Schooner” is a style tailored for bass anglers. Maximum sun protection, including 100% UV protection, partnered with the Meridian Ultra-Glare, Polarized lenses make these the ultimate for anyone enjoying fishing or spending any time near water.


Clifford Pirch, who is competing in this weeks Bassmaster Classic, stated, “I’ve been working the Typhoon Team over the past several months to develop this new option of Typhoon Optics. I’ve always liked the way the Schooner frames fit and I particularly like that when I’m driving 70 mph down the lake, the glasses do not vibrate from the wind getting behind the frame. The Typhoon Team coupled this great frame with their Meridian Ultra-Glare, polarized lenses. With these Schooner frames, which block out any side glare, wow – now I can see into the water better than I ever have. Anyone who sight-fishes or spends a lot of time at the beach, knows what I’m talking about. These will be the only sunglasses I’ll be wearing anytime I’m outdoors”.

Typhoon Optics president, Roy Burchett said, “Clifford has been a valuable part of our pro staff for several years now. When he came to us with an idea that would help all anglers we listened. Clifford is one of the best sight fisherman in the world, and knowing that he feels these are the best glasses he’s ever worn for sight fishing – that’s a big statement.”

Pirch, who qualified for the Bassmaster Classic through the 2015 Elite Series, will start his event on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees in Oklahoma with hopes of capturing the coveted title.

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To see or purchase the Pirch Schooner visit http://typhoonoptics.com/typhoon/pirch-schooner.html.