Tuesday Tip: Other Lake Types

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Last week, we gave some tips for clear-water lakes. Today, let’s look at the man-made lakes that have a bit of natural stain to the water. Actually, this will include many of the lakes in the country, ranging from Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, to Buggs Island lake in Virginia.

These lakes are usually the hardest hit by the dog days. Unlike a clear water lake, these waters usually don’t form a clearly defined thermocline, which helps to group the fish a bit. Stained water lakes in the summer are known for “one here, one there”, type fishing, unless the lakes have very distinct generating schedules that really affect feeding.

These stained summer lakes usually have two distinct bass populations. A “deep” population (usually 6-12 feet), and a super shallow population in 3 feet or less. The deep population is not the same as the deep, post-spawn schools that had lots of big bass in them. These dog day schools are usually smaller, with smaller fish, and mid-diving crankbaits like the Deep-X 150 or 300 are usually the top producers.

The shallow fish are the consistent ones under this scenario. Shallow cover like overhanging trees, logs, docks and pads will rule, and this is the prime time of year for frog fishing and shallow, power cranking. Remember to fish the lures fast. That is a big key in the summer.

In most of these lakes, about half of the fish are in that deeper water, and half of them are right on the bank. Just choose your comfort zone, and focus on the details.

Best of luck!

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