Tuesday Megabass Tip on Wdnesday

Over the past few weeks, we’ve given you some tips and thoughts of approaching your water during the “dog days” of summer. Each body of water in the country is unique to itself, and each lake will have a bass population that reacts a bit differently than others.

Here are some key points to remember.

1. Northern, natural lakes and river systems will be least affected. These are the best places to fish in the heat of the summer.

2. Clear water lakes will have a big population of suspended bass, due to a distinct thermocline. This thermocline will usually last until late September, when the bass can move even deeper or shallower.

3. Seek out the headwaters in clear water lakes, as the oxygen levels are better, and the fish will continue to feed shallow.

4. Stained water lakes will have two distinct populations: a deeper group (6-12 feet), and a super shallow population. Bass will be less likely to suspend in stained water lakes, due to the weak thermocline and shallower average water depth.

Don’t let the slowdown in mid to late summer fishing keep you off the water. The great thing about this time of year is lots of things will work, depending upon the water you are on. You can catch them shallow on top early, flipping, shallow cranking, cranking mid-depths, or fishing deep for suspended fish. There are a lot of things going on, and it’s up to you to use your creativity to dial it in!

Best of luck!

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