This Weeks “Tackle Tuesday”

This weeks feature is one of the most versatile lures, the Strike King Tour Grade Swim jig.
I love to use this jig during the post spawn, it’s great around any type of cover, and you can use it in both clear and stained water. I prefer to change up the trailer based on the conditions. If I want to reel the bait fast, I’ll use a 4 inch Caffeine Shad. When I want to reel slow or keep the bait up high in the water column I’ll switch to a Rage Craw. For an aggressive approach I like the Rage Menace.
The only modification I make is to trim the skirt about 1/2 inch behind the shank of the hook. For a smaller profile, I’ll trim 1/2 inch off the head of the trailer.
Recommended setup is a Power Tackle Keith Combs Signature Series Spinnerbait/Buzzbait rod, 20lb Seaguar Invizx, Shimano Chronarch CI4 7.6:1.
Add this to your arsenal and you’re sure to catch a few more bass. “Like and Share” this post on Keith’s Facebook page for your chance to win a tackle pack from some of his sponsors.
Good Fishing! Keith Combs