“They Said It” Day 2 Beaver Lake

Spencer Shuffield took the lead at Beaver Lake on day two of the FLW Tour. Shuffield holds a 1-pound 1-ounce lead over second place Andy Morgan. There is less than six pounds separating the top 20. Here are a few of the top quotes from day 2 and a couple from us too.

Most of the field: “Things got tougher today.” The wind did not blow.

Drew Benton: “I tied on about six Bagley crankbaits today and just went fishing.” The crankbait is getting it done on Beaver.

Jimmy Huston (day 2 performance): “We will be having fun in the fun Zone tomorrow.” Jimmy had a two day total of 11-1 but no matter how he does he is always smiling.

Randy Blaukat (on the wind): “Every time you loose the wind at Beaver it gets really tough.” You will see a theme with this.

Clark Wendlant (the theme): “With no wind it’s going to be pretty interesting today. It will be tough. Clark knows how to catch them at Beaver. In two days he weighed in 10 bass for 15-5 and failed to make the top 20 cut.

Bryan Thrift (day 1 leader): ” No today was a lot tougher, never got any good bites but I caught everything that bit. Don’t count Thrift out.

Tommy Martin (a lot tougher day) “When the wind blows everybody hates it but the fish bite a lot better when it’s windy. It was a tough day for me today, you gonna hear that again and again. And we did.

Mark Rose (on his day):  “I left it all out on the lake , there wasn’t a stone unturned. I just thank the good lord for these five.” Mark is a class act.

Casey Ashley (on his day): “I left it all on the line out there you know. I just been scratching around and trying to catch everything I can catch.” Keep scratching Casey, it’s working. He is currently in 7th place.

Travis Fox (has them figured out) ” I really think I can catch them tomorrow. I really wanna go bad.”  Travis will get his shot he is sitting in 16th.

Mean Mouth (cross bread): When smallmouth and spotted  bass cross bread you get a “Mean Mouth” Never seen one? Watch the weigh-in tomorrow.

Andy Morgan (2nd place); ” Just tough out there on me. I just never got a good bite. Fortunate to catch a limit both days.” We bet Andy will get that “good bite by Sunday afternoon.

The conditions a Beaver Lake are changing every day, lack of wind seemed to be the biggest factor today. Lots of guys are “just going fishing” and it appears to be working, Wind is in the forecast for Saturday and more changes are to come, the fish are moving up so the bite should improve. Be sure to catch the weigh in tomorrow on FLW Outdoors.

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