The Said It from the Rock Day 1

If you didn’t see the Bassmaster Elite Series weigh in from Table Rock today, weather and the 11lb club were the top conversations heard around the stage. Here are a few of the top quotes from round one.

Dave Mercer (day 1tag line) “Just needed that big one.”

Matt Herren (on the weather) : “I got rained on, hailed on and lightninged on.  I’m not very brave. The hail stones were the size of golf balls.”

Mark Davis (on the bite): “Once they see your bug they don’t like to come back and bite it.”

Jeff Kriet : “Caught the old hat trick to day.” (Largemouth, Spot & Smallmouth)

Britt Myers (on the fish):  “A 15 inch fish is hard to find.”

Randy Howell (on the fish) ” I sore mouthed all the little ones in that creek today, maybe the big ones will bite tomorrow.”

Aaron Martens (on his big fish) ” I didn’t think it was that big”

Joe Sancho (on the weather and his bald head): “The storm was rolling in and a wood pecker is pecking on my top head, Twas hale and i don’t have any cushion up there. That stuff hurts!”

Kurt Dove (after the storm): “We came around the corner after the storm and there was wood everywhere and trees were smouldering.” The effects of a lightning strike.

Brett Hite (about the fish): “There is a problem with these fish, their tails are too close to their mouths.”

Chris Lane (on Ozark Lakes): “I have never made a check on these Ozark Lakes.” He is in 3rd place after day 1

BJ Haseotes (on the wind): “It was so bad today it blew off my Toupee’” He is bald.

Gerald Swibdle (you know this one is funny): “Sunny, slick, cloudy, rainy, lightnin, thunder, hale… perfect day for fishing. I wanna to do it again. I ran and took cover, I know some of these guys fish in this stuff I said I told too many lies as a kid I’m not fishing in this lightning I don’t care how bad it is. There is some dude down there, I came into his dock a little hot and I wanna apologize I was looking for some cover and the guy says what if he comes and throws ya out? I said he better have a pocket knife and be ready to fight cause I ain’t leavin til the lightnin is gone.”

Aaron Martins leads after day 1 lots of guys are in that 10 to 12lb range. A couple of big bites tomorrow will change things up in a big way.