The RECORD Setting Bait that DOMINATED in Sturgeon Bay

Stage 5 of the 2020 MLF Bass Pro Tour in Sturgeon bay, Wisconsin saw multiple RECORDS set, a new champion crowned, and the angler of the year inked in the books. Almost every bit of that can be attributed to ONE SINGLE BAIT. The Berkley MAX SCENT Flatworm dominated every possible angle on the famous smallmouth bass capital of Sturgeon bay. Tournament Champion Justin Lucas, set 4 new Major League Fishing Records, and literally caught every one of his record setting smallmouth bass by only fishing the Berkley Flatworm. Jordan Lee sealed the deal for AOY with the Berkley Flatworm. Josh Bertrand caught over 300 of the northern bronzeback bass, fishing a drop shot rig, and of course a Berkley max scent flatworm. And they were not alone. Keith Poche, Scott Suggs and several others tallied up bags of over 100 pounds fishing the smallmouth killer, the phenomenal Berkley Powerbait Max Scent Flatworm!


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