The Perfect Spinning Reel

We here at Bass365 are big fans of the new Tatula line up from Daiwa. The entire Tatula line of rods and reels feature unmatched engineering to meet the expectations of the best professional fishermen in the world at a price you can afford. Brent Ehrler introduces the new Tatula spinning reel that he will be using on the Elite series.

The features:

These fine new reels reflect the sophisticated engineering and design that has vaulted spinning reels on to the center stage of the bass fishing world. The Zaion Body is composed of a “high density” carbon strain material that is lighter and stronger than conventional construct material. This Tatula LT reel is one of the lightest spinning reels out in the market. The state of the art Air Rotor design is 15% lighter yet stronger by dispersing the pressure evenly over the part. The digitally Machined A7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Digigear is smooth and flawless delivering the power of the handle directly to the rotor with no play. The 7 ball bearing system allows the parts to move effortlessly. A 6.2:1 gear ratio will move your presentations at speeds necessary in today’s bass fishing game. The Daiwa Tatula LT series of spinning reels utilizes state of the art materials and technology to create a versatile tool designed with the more sophisticated bass fisherman in mind.

ZAION LT Housing

Machined A7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum DIGIGEAR


7 Bearing System (1 CRBB+5BB+1BB)

Gear Ratio – 6.2 : 1

Sized from 1000 series to 4000 series

Number Bearings Gear Ratio Line Per
Handle Turn Wt.
(oz.) Line Capacity
(Lb. Test / Yards) Drag
TALT1000D-XH 6 (1CRBB, 5BB, 1RB) 6.2:1 30.5” 5.8 MONO: 4/250, 6/160 11.0
TALT2000D-XH 6 (1CRBB, 5BB, 1RB) 6.2:1 32” 5.8 MONO: 4,340 6/220 11.0
TALT25000D-XH 6 (1CRBB, 5BB, 1RB) 6.2:1 34.5” 6.2 MONO: 8/240, 10/210 22.0
TALT3000-CXH 6 (1CRBB, 5BB, 1RB) 6.2:1 36.8” 6.3 MONO: 8/160, 10/130 22.0
TALT3000D-CXH 6 (1CRBB, 5BB, 1RB) 6.2:1 36.8″ 6.2 MONO: 10/280, 12/220 22.0
TALT4000-CXH 6 (1CRBB, 5BB, 1RB) 6.2:1 39.1″ 7.4 MONO: 10/210, 12/160 26.4

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