The Molix SLIGONE Revealed

At first glance the Molix SLIGONE 5.5” may just look like another Senko knock-off  but it is far from that. The overall fat body look is misleading. The body tapers down to a thin flat tail that truly resembles a reel night crawler. It produces just enough action to tempt even the most stubborn bass to bite.

The rigging options are limitless here are a few ways we fished the SLIGONE and the results were impressive.

Standard Texas Rig:

First option was a standard Texas rig for flipping and pitching shallow wood and grass. The SLIGONE performed as expected easily working though heavy wood and slipping through the grass with out any issues. However one simple modification was needed, due to the thin design of the SLIGONE it was necessary to trim the body down a bit to ensure proper rigging.


Offshore Football Jig Head

Next we headed off shore to test the SLIGONE on a ¾ oz jig head for some deep water dragging again the SLIGONE performed well it has just enough action when slowly pulled around to fire up any school of deep bass.


Soft Jerkbait and Wacky style:

When we rigged the SLIGONE as a soft jerkbat and wacky style, was when this bait really showed just how good it is. The walk-the-dog action while fishing it as a jerkbait was outstanding and when rigged wacky, the slow rolling of the body along with the off set weight of the body sets the SLIGONE apart from other similar baits on the market



Final Thoughts:

Overall the MOLIX SLIGONE is a lure you should not leave home without. The design and action is something different the fish are not shy of, the slow sinking design along with its overall weight make it easy to cast and fish. Add in the amino acids and salt for scent and taste, The SLIGONE is going to be a versatile choice that will put more fish in the boat under any condition.

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