The Grass Goat from R2 Marine Innovations

By now you may have heard the buzz about the Grass Goat but what is it and why does it work? If you have ever fished aquatic vegetation you understand the struggles. The weeds balling up on your trolling motor leading to the constant need to raise and clear your motor, extra strain on your batteries, overheating of your trolling motor not to mention that big bass flapping around in the middle of a mat that you can’t get to.

The Grass Goat is the answer! Easily cut through the nastiest slop and make your day on the water more enjoyable.

This new patent pending weed/grass cutter mounts vertically instead of horizontally on the motor. This allows the Grass Goat to have over 3.5” of cutting/sheering surface. The other “grass blades on the market are lucky to have ½” of cutting surface. The Grass Goat also has an adjustable blade that the customer can adjust for any trolling motor prop combo to maximize cutting power. The blade is stainless steel along with all mounting hardware. The base is marine grade starboard which is UV protected to ensure long life.

“Put a Goat on your Boat”

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