The Bass University Returns to Chicago This Weekend!

The Bass University is returning their advanced bass fishing class program to Rosemont, Illinois on January 24th and 25th at the Chicago Outdoor Sports Show.  Come learn new tactics and reinforce tried-and-true techniques directly from the following TOP professional anglers: Ott DeFoe, Mike Iaconelli, John Crews, Jacob Wheeler, Pete Gluszek, and Jonathon VanDam!    


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This is your chance to rub elbows with the best bass anglers in the world, receive 15% off, get a loaded tackle gift bag from The Bass University and their sponsors, have a chance to win great prizes, and have FUN with more dedicated bass anglers!


The Bass University’s class will be held in a private, classroom-style room for up to 175 registered attendees from 8:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Registrations at the door are welcome and begin at 7:00am. Group rates are available for parties of five or more and must register together at the door.  Group rate discount is 25% off for adults and 50% for students/ youths.


The professional anglers and main presentation topics are as follows*:


January 24th, John Crews:

  • Main Presentation Topic 1:  Know Your Tools Part 2:  Baby D Bomb and Little John MD – Detailing all of the uses for these confidence baits and why knowing your baits in detail is extremely important.
  • Main Presentation Topic 2:  Power Finesse Flipping:  How and when to use smaller profile baits such as jigs and soft plastics to power flip with for BIG results!


January 24th, Jacob Wheeler:

  • Main Presentation Topic 1: Deep Water School Made Simple:  How to go to a body of water and quickly break down the deep water to locate bass.
  • Main Presentation Topic 2: Top Topwater Tactics:  Jacob shares an inside look at his best topwater presentations and tips to help anglers of all skill levels receive more strikes on top!


January 24th, Jonathon VanDam:

  • Main Presentation Topic 1: Finding & Catching Deep Smallmouth Bass: JVD takes you out on the water, utilizing his electronics to locate prime smallmouth habitat. Once bass are located, Jonathon will then walk you through how to select the best baits for the prevailing conditions.

    • Main Presentation Topic 2: Seasonal Transitions of Smallmouth BassSmallmouth Bass are notorious for their ability to move and become difficult to relocate. Jonathon VanDam’s knowledge of the seasonal movements of smallmouth bass will help you save valuable time on the water so that you can spend less time searching and more time catching big brown bass!


January 25th, Mike Iaconelli

  • Main Presentation Topic 1: Bladed Vibrating Jigs: Mike goes over in full detail why bladed vibration jigs have become a staple in every angler’s arsenal. He will examine the when, where and how to throw this lure along with how to match your vibration jig with the correct trailer and tackle.
  • Main Presentation Topic 2: Punching & Plunking: In this seminar, Mike will cover the two hottest techniques around for catching true monster bass under the thickest cover you can find. He will not only go over presentation and rigging tips, but will also dive into choosing the right colors, weights, and size of baits!


January 25th, Pete Gluszek:

  • Main Presentation Topic 1: How to target and pattern fish in giant water/big waves:  Pete Gluszek offers advice for how to effectively target and catch bass on large bodies of water.  Pete will also prepare you for how to fish when the wind picks up and the waves get big!

    • Main Presentation Topic 2: Cold water spring time cranking: When the water temperatures begin to rise in the early spring, cranking can be one of the best techniques for covering water and catching the big female bass that are on their migration to the spawning areas.  Pete Gluszek will share his best tactics and crankbaits for catching these fat female bass.

January 25th, Ott Defoe:

  • Main Presentation Topic 1:  Suspending and Floating Jerkbaits:  How, where, and when to use those great fish-catchers.
  • Main Presentation Topic 2:  Cranking:  An in-depth breakdown for fishing with crankbaits from deep to shallow.

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2015 The Bass University Class Schedule:

  • January 10-11 in Edison, New Jersey
  • January 17-18 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • January 24-25 in Rosemont, Illinois
  • February 7-8 in Boxborough, Massachusetts
  • February 14-15 in Columbus, Ohio


*Speakers subject to change


Chicago Outdoor Sports Show<–Click here to learn more about the fun activities, new products, outdoor celebrities, vendors, and much more at the outdoor show this weekend!  Perfect for the entire family, the Chicago Outdoor Sports has everything to offer for fishermen, hunters, boaters, and outdoor enthusiasts!  The sports show begins on Wednesday, January 21st and ends on Sunday, January 25th.