The 3rd Generation of Evoluzion

These 3rd-Generation EVOLUZION rods feature a redesigned C40 hybrid titanium blank that blends ultra-premium low-resin carbon material and titanium fibers for a uniquely crisp, sensitive, and powerful experience. Finished off with Torzite guides and the custom tooling, design, and finish that Megabass is known for, the EVOLUZION series stands as Megabass’ new flagship performance series.

On the first day of the 21st century, the original EVOLUZION, a titanium fiber composite rod that represented a leap in the evolution of composite bass rods, debuted. An unprecedented rigidity and power made possible by the titanium construction captivated fast moving fishing specialists from across the country. Since then, 14 years have passed.

Finally, the third generation EVOLUZION awakens. Resin is an important component when combining two different materials such as titanium fiber and carbon graphite. Ito Yuki and the I.T.O. Engineering team, whose rods have won the acclaimed Japan Good design Award and made a mark at the design exhibition in Milano, Italy, set their goal to reducing the amount of resin used in order to make a titanium composite rod lighter and more powerful than a pure graphite rod, while also achieving a true, next generation feel to the shaft. That’s where they saw the future of fast moving rods to exist. With a reduction in resin content, the new EVOLUZION rods exude a flexible yet resilient torque-filled performance made possible by combining  the titanium’s strength and the hi modulus graphite’s sensitivity. In other words, we strived for a pure union of titanium and carbon without any extraneous elements. The new metallic shaft feel comes from the newly developed C40 hybrid titanium graphite shaft’s super-low resin layered system.

Thanks to Ito’s field testing, the third generation EVOLUZION rods feature various new ergonomic improvements and represents a new generation of fishing interfaces. The superb castability that comes from the resilience of the titanium launches lightweight lures far into the distance. The resilience of the shape memory titanium increases the underwater movement distance of jerk bait, and leads to high hooking rates with rough bites on crank bait. The new EVOLUZION displays flexibility and high sensitivity even in no sinker games with high mass worms, bringing a brand new level of sensitivity to all situations. The amazing, dream-like dynamics of the new EVOLUZION will continue to revolutionize bass rods.