TH Marine Kong Extreme Electronics Mount Now Available

Huntsville, AL – January 7, 2016 — T-H Marine Supplies, Inc., of Huntsville, Alabama, announces the KVD Kong Extreme Electronics Mount is now available for sale.

Over the past few years, as the screen size and capabilities of the high-end marine electronics has increased, so have the weights.   Today, these units weigh so much that most of the current electronic mounts do not provide adequate support and protection. Over a year ago, Kevin Van Dam came to T-H Marine with the idea of the perfect electronics mount. Van Dam stated, “I wanted a mount that was rock solid and would support my Humminbird Onix 10 units in the roughest conditions. I wanted a mount that could be quickly installed and removed. Finally, I wanted a mount that offered the flexibility of mounting flat or on its side. This allows me to rig my Nitro Z21 for optimum performance. This is the T-H Marine KVD Kong and it exceeds my expectations.”

The T-H Marine KVD Kong Extreme Electronics Mount is built of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel. It is designed for the heaviest of today’s marine electronics and has zero movement with these units in the roughest water. In addition, the arm is secured to the base with a mechanical cam-nut that allows quick installation or removal.

T-H Marine’s president and CEO, Jeff Huntley, said, “We are excited to announce that the KONG™Extreme Electronics Mount is now available for sale. After announcing it at ICAST last year, we further field tested and improved the product for months with Kevin Van Dam, Mark Zona, and about 30 other pro field testers.  It is now ready and it is amazing.”

“This is not your normal electronics mount, KONG is the gold standard”, Huntley continued. “Yes, it has a premium price, because it is a premium built product.  You can’t compare a YETI to an inexpensive cooler, just like you can’t compare a KONG to any existing electronics mount. You want a mount for high dollar electronics that simply works and will last for years, this is it.”

The T-H Marine Kong Mount is available at Bass Pro Shops, and other leading marine dealers and retailers.

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