Testing the Grass Goat

The guys over at R2 Marine Innovations are know offering quality innovative products and the Grass Goat is no exception.

We spoke with Robbie Patterson to get his thoughts on this latest offering. “We were looking for a solution for the headaches of grass fishing and the Grass Goat is the answer” stated Patterson.

This patent pending grass cutter is like none other on the market. Featuring a durable starboard bracket and a solid  two point mounting system that supports a stainless steel blade assures years grass destruction.

After extensive testing the Grass Goat made a trip to Lake Okeechobee with Glen Bailey and after about forty hours of testing here is what Bailey had to say.

“Thanks to R2 Marine Innovations for letting us test the new Grass Goat on Lake Okeechobee. We absolutely put this thing through the ringer and it performed flawlessly! The Grass Goat actually allowed us to chase schooling fish in the hay fields that we would not have been able to get to. If you fish any body of water with any type of vegetation , The Grass Goat is a must!
Go to www.r2marineinnovations.com and get one! You will not be disappointed!”

Do yourself a favor and “Put a Goat on Your Boat”

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