Tatula 100H Reviewed

Daiwa Tatula 100H Reel

This year I needed to replace several reels in my tournament arsenal, and after some extensive research, I picked up a few Tatula Series 100 reels from Daiwa.  After attending a live chat with Daiwa Pro Andy Montgomery on BassEast.com, who when asked about the reels performance, stated: “love them! Absolutely the best reels I have used”, I was pretty excited to get my hands on one.

T-Wing System

One of the biggest technological advantages of the Tatula reel is the T-Wing system.  The “T” aperture allows line to flow freely through the wide top section on outcast, reducing the normally sharp angles and friction that slow line flowing through a narrow aperture when exiting the reel.  On retrieve, line drops into the narrow, lower channel of the T-wing for even distribution across the spool width.  What does this mean for you?  SIZEABLE improvement in casting distance, both in overhead casts and flipping/pitching while using the Tatula.   The reduced line friction coming off the reel also allows those shorter finesse cats to require less effort, making it easier to hit small targets throwing square bills and chatter baits, while allowing you to toss a frog a mile.   What I found the most remarkable was the ease of flipping, which led to increased accuracy when targeting small areas on the water.  And as we all know, that first cast is crucial when flipping.

Easy to customize – Great Feel

Testing both the 100H and 100HS, I found that both reels were tuned quickly, consistently within 5 casts.  Making adjustments for wind and weight changes was similarly easy, as both boast their Ultimate Carbon Drag (UTD) with 13.2 lbs max drag as well as magnetic “Magforce-Z” cast control.  Once the UTD was set, it was simple to adjust the magnetic brake for wind.  Both reels are exceptionally smooth, with 7 ball bearings and the quality construction one expects from Daiwa.  With an aluminum frame, both weighed in at a very light 7.9 oz.   I also liked the fact that, although the 100HS (7.3:1) and 100H (6.3:1) have different retrieve speeds, the rest of their specs are identical, creating a familiarity among all my rods that is unique.


One of the physical aspects of the Daiwa Tatula series reels that I found impressive was their new I-Shape handle knob on a 90 mm swept handle.  Ever bang your knuckles on the drag star while reeling in a large fish?  You wont with the Tatula, and the oversize grips are comfortable and easy to hold on to.  Most of my reels prior to the Tatula have required “Reel Grips” for added friction; not the Tatula.


If increased casting distance, ease of use and lightweight construction weren’t enough, here’s where the Daiwa Tatula series truly becomes a must purchase.  At $149.99, the performance and quality of this reel just cannot be matched.  With looks to match the performance one expects from Daiwa, every angler should put one to the test this season, you wont be disappointed.

By Chris Murphy

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