Tackle Tuesday: Volume 9

The next three tackle Tuesdays we’ll talk about my favorite technique…cranking. This week week look at the Strike King 2.5 vs the 1.5.

11096716_949118918466749_1944534034074784301_n1. Application- I throw both of these cranks a lot when the fish are in the 3-6 ft range. Both are great to fish around wood, rock, and grass. The main thing is I want my bait to contact the cover at least part of every cast. I’ll use the 2.5 when the fish are more aggressive because it has a wide wobble and a lot of vibration. Any other time I mostly use the 1.5.

2. Modification- occasionally I will upgrade the hooks to a heavier wire hook, depending on the size of the fish.

3. Recommended Tackle- Seaguar 15 lb Invizx
Power Tackle KCCB 70 MH
Shimano Curado 7:2:1

Good fishing, Keith Combs

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