Tackle Tuesday: Volume 2

This week Keith Combs will discuss his favorite bait for punching vegetation. It’s a 1oz Strike King Hack Attack jig in black n’ blue. Combs likes to use a 4 inch Strike King Rodent in Blue Craw as the trailer.

1. Application – Punching any type of matted vegetation.

2. Modifications – I trim the skirt about 1/2 inch behind the hook and trim the weed guard tapered. I also trim about 1/2 inch off the Rodent head. Thread the Rodent all the way on the hook. Make sure the bait is straight to avoid a line twist. I then use a green sharpie to color my line up about 3-4 ft.

**Reason for modifications – Trimming the bait makes it easier to penetrate the grass and helps to avoid short strikes. The yellow Smackdown allows you to watch your line, but using the green marker makes the line less visible to the bass.**

3. Recommended Tackle – Power Tackle PG104.5. Seaguar 65lb Smackdown braid. Shimano Metanium.

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Good fishing! KC

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