Tackle Tuesday on Wednesday!

Tackle Tuesday in honor of Aaron Martens. I competed as a co-angler on the back deck of “A Mart’s” boat this same exact week 12 years ago in a Bassmaster Elite Series event on Florida’s Harris Chain of Lakes.

I hadn’t been in his boat three minutes, when Aaron spotted the red glass bead on my Texas rig.

“Dude! Why you using glass? Dude, that glass bead could break when your sinker smashes it, and the sharp edges could cut your line!”

Classic freakin Aaron. Insane attention to details. Outrageously observant. And while he could have let my glass bead serve as a hidden disadvantage – his kind heart couldn’t stand it – he had to try and save me from stupidity.

I must confess, I rolled with my red bead anyhow. It was a day filled with grins. Aaron caught ‘em flippin tall reeds that day. That was 2008. Mike McClelland came from behind to beat leader Brian Snowden for the win.

And truth is, I’m still addicted to any additional clack or rattle I can get out of my Texas rigs and jigs.

But I never look at the glass beads I still use without thinking of Aaron.

Fight hard, you kind hearted, beautiful mind.

You’re loved and adored by a ton of us.

Including me.

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