Tackle Tuesday: Catching Spawners

This week we’ll talk about the Strike King Shim-E-Stick. This is one of my go-to baits for catching spawning bass. I like to fish it weightless or Texas rigged with a 1/16 tungsten weight. I’ll use this for both visible spawners and around areas where I think they might be.


The key is to fish it slow. Once the bait settles to the bottom I’ll usually wait 5-10 seconds before moving the bait. The Shim-E-Stick is very effective when dead-sticking it around the beds.

The only modification I’ll make is the spray the bait with Strike King Coffee scent.

My recommended set-up is an Owner 4/0 offset wide gap hook, 15lb Seaguar Invizx, Keith Combs Signature Series soft jerkbait rod from Power Tackle, and a Shimano Metanium 8.5:1.

Good Fishing! Keith  Combs

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