Tackle Tuesday

It’s time for another Tackle Tuesday and giveaway.
Here in Texas we’re thinking about the post spawn and one of my favorite baits is the new Strike King Rage Swimmer. This is a great bait to use in clear water situations, in fact the clearer the better. I like to use a medium to fast retrieve and reel it past objects where fish may be guarding frye. It’s also a great bait to use in the morning around a shad spawn.
I throw it on a 1/4 oz Strike King squadron jig-head and I’ll dab a little super glue between the bait and the jig-head which holds it in place all day long.
Recommended setup is a Power Tackle Keith Combs signature series spinnerbait/buzz bait rod, a Shimano Chronarch CI4 7.6:1, & 15 lb Seaguar Invizx. You can find all of the equipment at tackleaddict.com.
Good fishing! Keith combs