Tackle Tuesday

With the weather warming up and the bass looking to spawn, it’s a great time to talk about my approach to bed fishing. My go-to bait, is a 5-inch Strike King Shim E Stick. I use it with three basic set ups.

1. Weightless- 4/0 offset wide gap Owner hook. I use this for both visible fish and for those I cannot see. I like this most of the time, fan casting around bedding areas.

2. Texas Rig- 4/0 offset wide gap Owner hook with a 3/16 oz Strike King tungsten weight. The Texas rig works best if I need to specifically get my bait on one bed or when I need to get through a hole in the grass.

3. Drop Shot- 4/0 offset wide gap Owner hook. 3/16 oz Strike King drop shot weight. If I see a bass is suspended above the bed, I’ll go to the drop shot.

If I can see the fish, I usually dead stick the bait in the bed until the fish bites. If I can’t see the fish, I pitch to where I think a bed would be. Let the bait sit for 10-15 seconds before moving.

4. Recommended Tackle-
20lb Seaguar Invizx
Shimano Metanium
Power Tackle PG 144 7ft

Hope these tips help you land more bed fish.

Good Fishing Keith Combs

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