Tackle Tuesday

In this weeks Tackle Tuesday feature Keith Combs shares his go-to punch rig. It’s a Strike King 1 1/4 ounce tungsten weight, 4’0-5’0 Hack Attack flipping hook, Strike King rodent, a punch skirt w/ a hard collar, and a rubber peg it to peg the weight.


1. Application- I use this set up when a jig will not penetrate the cover.

2. Modifications- leave a small space (about 1/8 inch) between the hard collar and the weight. This will give the bait a rattle when you shake it. Color the braided line about 3-4 up with a green marker.

3. Recommended Tackle- Power Tackle PG104.5
65 lb Seaguar Smackdown
Shimano Metanium

Good Fishing! KC

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