T-H Marine Acquires Rights to Z-LAUNCH Watercraft Launch Cord

Huntsville, AL – October 26, 2015 — T-H Marine Supplies, Inc., of Huntsville, Alabama, and Aaron Beshears Enterprises, of Van Buren, AR announce they have entered into an agreement granting T-H Marine the exclusive global manufacturing and distribution rights for the Aaron Beshears Enterprises product line – including the patented Z-LAUNCH™ Watercraft Launch Cord. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

T-H Marine’s president and CEO, Jeff Huntley, stated “We are very proud to announce that are going to be able to offer the Z-LAUNCH™ product to all of our aftermarket and OEM customers. Aaron Beshears developed a great watercraft launch cord that really makes it easy and safe for one person to launch a boat. We strive to bring products to the boating community that make their day on the water safer, easier, and more fun. We know this product fits that mission. Aaron could barely keep up with demand, so we can bring our full breadth of capabilities to the product and make it available to everyone in the market. We already have ideas for expanding the Z-LAUNCH™ product lines with more models for even more uses.”

Aaron Beshears, owner and president of Aaron Beshears Enterprises, stated, “I am really happy to partner with T-H Marine to help Z-LAUNCH™ meet its full potential. The product has been so well received and I just want every boater to be able to get their hands on one. I am excited to hand this product off to T-H Marine so that they can get it fully distributed to everyone. T-H Marine makes a lot of great products that I use as a fisherman and boater. So I am proud for them to build and sell my invention. I know they will do it right and take care of the customers.”

T-H Marine’s Huntley also stated, “T-H Marine continues to search for more useful inventions and products to add to our product lines. We have the distribution and the relationships throughout the boating and fishing market to help product ideas blossom. We stay very involved at the grass roots level and with the major fishing tournaments to keep in touch with what is happening and what boaters need and want. We have helped many great product ideas become huge successes in the market and we are confident that we will do the same with the Z-LAUNCH™. We are also very excited because the Z-LAUNCH™ is already advertised and endorsed by our good friend Timmy Horton and his Timmy Horton Outdoors television show. We are big believers in Timmy and are sponsors of the THO show, and this will just grow our relationship with them even more.”

T-H Marine is celebrating its 40th Anniversary of business and has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of boating and fishing accessories in the U.S. T-H Marine provides parts to every boat manufacturer in the country and distributes them thru virtually every major distributor and retailer of boating and fishing products. To learn more about T-H Marine, please visit www.thmarine.com.


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