Swindle Iaconelli Okeechobee

Two of pro bass fishing’s biggest names say dirty water at Okeechobee will make things tougher, but you’d better catch big limits if you want to make the Top 12 cut.

What’s the biggest bass you’ve had your hands on in practice?

Swindle: I’ll say it might have weighed just short of 4-pounds.

Iaconelli: A 10-pounder.

Percentage of fish that anglers will catch from spawning beds?

Swindle: That they can actually see on a bed? – I’ll say 4%.

Iaconelli: They may not be able to see them on a bed, but 60% of the fish weighed in this week will be around a bed when they’re caught.

 Biggest surprise after three days of practice?

Swindle: It’s fishin real small. This is the only freshwater lake in America that’s so big you can see it from the moon, yet everybody wants to crowd into the same 200 acres of water.

Iaconelli: The biggest surprise is how off-colored or dirty the water is.

Name 4 lures we’ll see used the most this week:

Swindle: Swim jig, Texas rigged flippin craw, ChatterBait, Skinny Dipper

Iaconelli: A 1-ounce punch bait, Texas rigged worm, Swim jig, Topwater Prop Bait.

Amount of weight you’ll need to average the first three days to make the Top 12 cut.

Swindle: 19 pounds a day

Iaconelli: 18 pounds a day