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A Christmas List – STORMR Outerwear


“He’s making a list and checking it twice”, you know how the song goes, but if you don’t have this item on your list, you better check it again and make room for it! Welcome to Stormr products! Stormr products are made for foul weather activities so you can still enjoy fishing on your favorite lake or casting to the waves from the surf, hunting the buck of a lifetime, or anything else that requires you to be able to move freely as Mother Nature dishes out here best to try to keep you indoors.

There are two key items I have been testing and would like to share my results. The first item is the Fusion lightweight raingear. While fishing the B.A.S.S. opens we do not have the luxury to wait until the weather clears. I have been very fortunate to have my Fusion gear with me all year. What really makes this gear stand out is the mobility I have while wearing the Fusion. While making several hundred casts a day you cannot afford to be bound up or it could cost you half of those casts. And another strong point is if there is a pitching/flipping bite going on your cast will be uninterrupted with this gear, whereas competitors gear may strain your shoulders and backing causing sloppy casts which could scare away the winning bag of fish. Not only casting but even while driving my boat in the big waters such as  great lakes it allows me to drive comfortably on long runs which could be an hour one way. For superior protection and lightweight for when the temperature gets above 40 degrees, Fusion is what I will be packing!

The second piece of gear is the Strykr. This is the best cold weather gear I have ever tried. From chasing winter bass to stalking big bucks the Strykr system will put the odds in your favor. This series allows you to outlast the harshest weather. This is the gear I reach for when on Lake Norman in the winter fishing or chasing ducks. There is no way to be effective at anything you do if you are not comfortable, and trust me shivering is not comfortable. The Stryker series is fleece lined for warmth, has abrasion resistant material for high-use areas, and has nearly five pounds of positive buoyancy! The only thing that shivers with the Strykr series is Ol’ Man Winter because he knows he doesn’t have a chance!!

So as everyone is making their Christmas list make sure you have Stormr on yours; if not you may be forced to stay inside on those bad days when the rest of us are out enjoying what we love to do. One other thing, “He’s gonna find out who’s naughty and nice”, so be sure you’re on the right list!


Bassmaster Opens Pro Shane Lineberger

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