Stetson Blaylock: Add Primetyme CB 1.5 to Your Fall Arsenal

As cooling waters and changing baitfish patterns start to influence bass fisheries around the country, Team Livingston pro Stetson Blaylock has some advice for anglers looking to take advantage of fish transitioning out of deep waters: “Get yourself some Primetyme Coffin Bill 1.5s”

image-5Blaylock has some well-documented hands-on experience with the Primetyme family of crankbaits in general – he finished sixth at the Lake Toho FLW Tour event this season thanks to a Gold Shad PrimeTyme SQ 2.0 – and has always been fond of the CB 1.5 as a search bait. This time of year, though, the CB 1.5 becomes especially handy in tracking down wolf packs of bass as they follow baitfish up into the shallows.

photo : FLW

“You can cover a lot of water with that bait and locate those schools of fish that are moving around in a lake looking for shad,” Blaylock advises. “The CB 1.5 casts really well. You can just put your trolling motor on high and cast it as you move.”

The biggest advantages of the CB 1.5 this time of year, though, are the bait’s size, and the power of Electronic Baitfish Sounds (EBS) MultiTouch™ technology.

“Fish are feeding on little bitty shad this time of year, and the PrimeTyme CB 1.5 imitates a small shad really well,” Blaylock says. “You have the biggest difference-maker possible with EBS: I’ll set it on EBS Shad™ or EBS Original™, both of which are the sounds of actual shad, and get into the backs of creeks as fish move up to feed on shad. I’ll throw the CB 1.5 in Real Shad, XXX Shad, Clearwater Shad or one of the other Livingston shad colors. There are a bunch of good ones to choose from.”

Terminal setup: Blaylock throws the PrimeTyme CB 1.5 on a 7-foot medium heavy 13 Fishing rod, 10- to 20-pound line.