Spybaiting on Steroids!!!

The new pro-tuned G-Fix version was specifically developed for casting gear(though it can still be used with spinning gear and allows for use of heavier line up to 9lb without affecting the action).

It utilizes the same body as Spinbait 80, however we have increased the weight and also downsized the propellers. What that brought is besides superior casting ability is also possibility to trace much deeper range and we have frequently caught fish as deep as in 20ft+(though the average range would be 12-18 ft(4-5 meters).

Spinbait 80 G-Fix will be available in 12 colors, which include some of the proven patterns like “Ghost M Shad”, “Ghost Pearl” or “Komochi Wakasagi”, but also included are some G-Fix specific colors like “Ghot Minnow”, “Blue Back Herring” or “Emperor”.

For more information check http://duo-inc.co.jp/bass/en/realis-g…