SPRO more than Fishing

Kennesaw, GA—One SPRO customer has found a unique way to use some of the company’s products. Recently, SPRO discovered that Washington State resident, Suzanne Moe, uses SPRO swivels and split rings to aide her in training birds in her falconry practice.

“SPRO is excited to learn more about our customers and the various ways they use our products in falconry,” said Syd Rives, Sales Manager, SPRO. “We encourage our consumers to share other unique and creative ways they use SPRO products in their outdoor pursuits.

Moe discovered SPRO swivels and split rings could positively impact her falconry needs after reading tips from others on falconry websites. The heavy duty barrel swivels along with the split rings make an extremely strong and compact combination, which are not prone to tangling or twisting.

In 2010, Moe received her falconry permit and then in 2012 she trapped her first female immature red-tailed hawk. Earlier this year she acquired a male captive bred Harris Hawk.

“The Y-swivel set up is beneficial because it prevents the hawk from becoming tangled. Its three swivel points make entanglement highly unlikely”, said Suzanne Moe, Apprentice Falconer. “The Y-swivel set-up can be used when transporting a hawk, carrying a hawk and tethering the hawk to his perch.”

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