Sothern Open 2- Alabama Recap

Shane Lineberger’s Alabama River Recap As I headed to stop #2 of the B.A.S.S. Southern Opens, I had dreams of huge spotted bass ripping drag and ferociously tracking down baits. Heading out for practice I wanted to find some fish that would hit top water because I feel like it always produces bigger than normal weights. I concentrated on that and found a few small areas where I could get bit and they were the right size. After finalizing that bite I then found a backup bit by flipping and felt pretty confident on a good finish.

However on day one I was reminded how humbling bass fishing can be. I ran about 40 miles to my top water spot and pulled out the Reaction Innovation Vixen and hooked up with a nice fish. I smiled on the inside thinking how good this day was going to be. I fished almost until noon without another bite and started to scramble to salvage a day. I wound up catching one more fish flipping. Looking back I would have looked for more fish out on the drops because we had rain and plenty of it as well as dropping water temperatures. I am pretty sure this pulled my Vixen fish out just a little deeper.

On day 2, I fished fairly close to takeoff and flipped all day for 9 bites. I could never get the size and again I believe the weather we had pulled some of the bigger fish out and I just wasn’t quick enough to adapt. One thing that fishing these tournaments will remind you of: stay open minded and be able to adjust on the fly.

My next event will be the first stop of the B.A.S.S. Northern opens at the James River and I am looking forward to a better finish. This is a tidal water system and I think you will see some big weights at this derby!