RIVERS WEST Partners with Keith Combs to Launch Bass Collection

SEATTLE, WA ~ February 2018 Waterproof outerwear manufacturer RIVERS WEST announces the release of its new Performance Bass Collection and partnership with Bassmaster Elite Pro, Keith Combs. Mainly known for their award-winning waterproof fleece hunting gear launched in 2001, the Seattle-based company introduced its waterproof/breathable fishing gear in 2013. Targeted at its Pacific Northwest consumer base, the Kokanee fishing products have been strong sellers, with many Bass anglers in the South choosing to use them simply due to the brand’s legendary waterproof protection. With Kokanee sales climbing each of the past 4 years, RIVERS WEST decided to tackle the Bass market head-on.

According to Executive Vice President, Matt Ryan, “Our Kokanee products are designed for the style of sport-fishing on the rivers and lakes of the Pacific Northwest where you put your raingear on first-thing at the boat ramp and leave it on until you return to the boat ramp at day’s end. Odds are, it will rain the entire time in between. The effectiveness of our Kokanee product line led to an increasing demand from our bass customers and sales team to develop something specific to their type of fishing where it often rains intermittently, with sun breaks in between; where time is money and speed is a necessity. Our Kokanee products were just too difficult to put on and off throughout the day. So we designed our Performance Bass Gear to be quickly adorned and shed with features geared toward the specialized needs of bass anglers. But we still needed a true professional to not only review these new products, but act as a spokesman for this new Bass Collection.”

Enter Keith Combs.

Keith is a veteran tournament angler with over 25 years’ experience in tournament fishing. He has competed in the Bassmaster Elite Series since 2011. Before moving to the Elite Series, Keith competed on the FLW Tour for 3 years. He has qualified for 6 Bassmaster Classics, 2 Forest Wood Cups, and 7 Toyota Texas Bass Classics. A three-time winner of the Toyota Texas Bass Classic, an Elite Series champion, and PAA champion, RIVERS WEST could think of no better brand-ambassador. With combined total earnings of over $2.1 million, the outerwear brand understands that Keith can be selective with the products he endorses. He only chooses the best products that he would use despite his prominent status.

“I spend most of my life outdoors” Combs said. “It’s where I make my living, and the one thing I’ve learned is how important it is to stay warm, dry and comfortable when you’re on the water or in the woods.”

After Keith’s first outing in his new Bass Bib and Jacket, he remarked, “It didn’t take me long to realize how much thought RIVERS WEST puts into every detail of their products. Their new Bass rain suit is designed for tournament fishing. Everything is geared toward speed, easy access, and of course…keeping you dry.”

Aside from innovative features like a visor hood that magnetizes to the rear collar and built-in sunglass wipes, RIVERS WEST also wanted to be cutting edge when it came to styling. For that, the Seattle-based brand called on its long-time hunting partner – Mossy Oak.

According to Matt Ryan, “We initially designed the new Bass Jacket and Bib with a black main body and bright vertical accents designed to add a visual ‘pop’. At the time, we thought the look was pretty stunning. But when we learned about Mossy Oak’s new Elements Collection we just knew we had to add their new creation. When we did, we learned what stunning really is.”

Since its introduction, Mossy Oak’s Elements Agua pattern has become the official pattern of B.A.S.S.. The Bass Jacket and Bib will be available in Mossy Oak Elements Agua in Marlin color option; a pattern which holds true to the Mississippi-based camo giant’s tried and true concept to mimic the natural environment. Trading sticks and leaves for the beauty of rippling water, Elements Agua Marlin is offset with vertical electric green accents, giving the Bass Jacket and Bib a bold and inspired look.

The new Bass Collection will be available on March 15, 2018 and includes a new Ultra-Light Storm Jacket and Bib available exclusively in Mossy Oak Elements Agua in the color options of Marlin or Crimson. The Ultra-Light products are also waterproof/breathable, but developed for temps in the 60s and 70s. Retail prices on the Bass Collection will range from $59 – $179 per piece.