Reese Adds on Douglas Outdoors X-MATRIX Rods

Witter Springs, Calif – FLW Tour Pro Jimmy Reese has added Douglas Outdoors’ X-Matrix rods to his boat. Douglas Outdoors provides a full line of premium fishing rods for multiple species of fish. Among their lineup is a complete range of spinning and casting rods available for bass fisherman from coast to coast.

Reese said, “I’ve been using the Douglas Outdoors rods for the first few events this year and I am thoroughly impressed with the way they feel. There are three things I have always valued in a fishing rod, sensitivity, weight/balance, and durability.  Douglas rods are top notch in all three areas.  Plus, they are great looking rods.”

Douglas Outdoors rod designer Fred Contaoi brings the experience of having fished over 50 countries along with over 20 years of competing nationally and regionally with various pro bass tours.  Contaoi has spent many years fine tuning his craft and has designed and built rods for multiple brands known internationally. 

Contaoi developed the Douglas Outdoors DXS & DXC X-Matrix series rods from the ground up. Using the exclusive and proprietary X-Matrix material Contaoi created an eye-opening strength to weight ratio throughout all Douglas Outdoors bass rods.

Contaoi has known Jimmy Reese throughout his career and said, “We were looking for a brand ambassador in professional fishing that could represent Douglas Outdoors with integrity and professionalism and of coursefishing ability. Selecting Jimmy Reese was a no-brainer, he’s a quality guy and an exceptional angler. He might be a rookie on the FLW Tour, but he’s a very experienced professional with over a million dollars in career earnings through various tournament organizations including FLW and WON Bass. Not only will Jimmy be spreading the word about our rods, he will be an integral part of our design process for future rods.”

Reese is impressed with Contaoi’s efforts. He said, “You can tell Fred (Contaoi) is not only one of the premier rod designers, but he’s also an experienced angler. The rods are impressive from the first touch to the last cast. For example the swimbait rod; It’s strong but balanced well, I can fish it all day without fatigue. Regardless of which rod you select you’ll feel Fred’s design and his fishing experience that is built into each rod – on every cast.”

John Boyle, Vice President of Sales at Douglas Outdoors, said, “Bringing together the right people and technology to push the science and practice of angling is what drives Douglas Outdoors.  Fred (Contaoi) and Jimmy (Reese) are those people that make the difference.”

Douglas Outdoors is owned by the Barclay family. The Barclay’s are legendary for their conservation efforts and are located in Upstate NY. In addition to their spinning and casting rods, Douglas Outdoors’ fly fishing offerings have won national and international recognition & awards under the direction of Jim Murphy.  

Douglas Outdoors rods are available now at select Tackle shops, with more tackle shops being added each week. Reese said, “I am not telling you to buy a Douglas Rod the next time you are in the market for a rod. However, I implore you to just grab one and feel it and let the rod do the talking. I know you’ll love how it feels and better yet, I know you’ll love how it performs on the water.”

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