Redefine Trolling Motor Efficiency

Robbie Patterson is a veteran of high performance boat set ups and custom prop work, so when he began working on electric trolling motors a few years ago, he was astounded by how many problems confronted the devices upon which bass anglers depend most heavily throughout the day.

“They have a lot of issues,” he said. “Most of all they’re noisy. The mounts rattle and shake and I set out to find a way to quiet them by putting pressure on the pivot points. The side effect that it produced was to function as a lift assist for a Motorguide, and I tweaked it so that it assisted in both directions, unlike the lift assist on a Minn Kota, which only goes in one direction.”

Thus was born the Propeller Dynamics Equalizer Trolling Motor Assist System, the hottest marine accessory on the bass boat market today. This year alone, over two dozen tour-level pros have added them and the number grows every day. The following are a few of their testimonials:

2014 Bassmaster Classic Winner Randy Howell: “The Equalizer has made my tournament days much easier by eliminating over 50% of the weight of my Motorguide trolling motor when lifting it in and out of the water. Some days I make 30 to 40 stops. That’s 80 times I’m lifting the trolling motor. The torque on my elbow and shoulder can cause problems after a while, so the Equalizer saves me from that and helps me save my energy and strength for fighting the fish.”

2004 Bassmaster Angler of the Year Gerald Swindle: “Some days I try to hit 50 to 75 places. That’s a lot of up and down and the Equalizer makes my job easier.”

Two Time B.A.S.S. Winner Fred Roumbanis: “The relief of so much weight is incredible and my back really appreciates the Equalizer.”

The design is simple: two epoxy-coated gas springs and a shaft that is coated in nitrate, much like the weatherproofing on many handguns. The result is a quieter trolling motor that is easier to deploy and stow, as well as impervious to the elements.

Obviously, this is a boon for older anglers with bad backs, or women and children who may struggle with the heft of modern day trolling motors, but anyone who uses a Motorguide affixed to a Gator Mount will benefit from its use. Your trolling motor will enter the water more quietly, and if you run and gun throughout the day, you’ll reduce the cumulative stress on your back, arms and shoulders by up to 50 percent.

The Equalizer is available directly from Propeller Dynamics (, as well as from leading online retailers and marine dealers. They range in price from $99.99 to $124.99 for standard colors, with custom colors to match your bass boat available for a bit more.

“I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this 10 years ago,” Patterson concluded. “The more I work on these things, the more things I think of to make them better. There’s more coming for users of all brands of trolling motors, so stay tuned for more announcements in the near future.”


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