Pros Pick One Lure to Catch a Giant Bass

The pro angler that catches the biggest bass of the 3-day Toyota Texas Fest event on Lake Ray Roberts in North Texas will win a Toyota Tundra. And while practice reports were tough, the field of 38 best-in-the-world bass pros are very aware of the giant largemouth that live in Ray Roberts.

In fact, the lake record was caught a little more than one year ago – a 15-pound behemoth landed by Shannon Elvington on a Lucky Craft jerkbait in cold March waters.

Four pros were asked what lure they’d choose in an effort to catch a bass big enough to win a Toyota Tundra – here’s what they said:

Jacob Powroznik: “A V&M J-Bug on 25-pound line, Texas rigged with a 3/8 ounce weight.” Powroznik was proud to show off an entire box full of the soft plastic lure he helped design largely for flippin’ and pitchin’.


Greg Hackney: “Nope I’m not showin’ you the lure,” grinned Hackney. “I’ll show the hook, the weight and the line – and I’ll tell you this much – here’s your hint – the lure swims – but not by itself.” Okay, we’re stumped – but we do know Hackney is spooled-up with 60-pound Gamma Torque braid on a new large-spooled reel called a Smoke HD that he says is the finest reel Quantum has ever built. His hook for the mystery lure is a 5/0 Hack Attack straight shank with a 5/16-ounce weight.


Andy Morgan: Andy Morgan built a career pitching and flippin’ jigs to shallow habitat. So no surprise, he chose a jig – but a heavy one. “I think you need a ¾ ounce jig to get deep where a giant bass lives – like way down in one of these flooded trees.” He chooses a Zoom Big Salty chunk as a trailer, and ties it to 20-pound Gamma fluorocarbon.


Jordan Lee: The young pro with an amazing list of tournament success chose a rather sleek offering. “I’m going with a Strike King craw Texas-rigged to a ½ ounce weight and 25-pound line.” When asked why not a jig or a large worm or creature bait, he said he felt the craw gets in and out of heavy cover with less snags than a jig or big worm.